If you’d like to submit an article to the HWA blog, follow these simple guidelines. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.

If you wish to submit to HWA's Poetry Blog, please email poetry@horror.org

Only members (of any level) may submit directly. Non-members must send a query first. Email queries to webmaster@horror.org.

We accept two types of submissions: non-fiction articles and recommendations. Articles can be about anything related to the horror genre, the horror industry, horror writing, or the HWA. Keep your audience in mind. If in doubt about whether your topic is appropriate or not, you can query at webmaster@horror.org.

Word limit: 1000 words; 200 words for bio (total of 1200 words max).

1. No profanity.

2. No slander.

3. Spellcheck and copyedit for punctuation and grammar. We will reject a sloppy article.

4. No line indents. No tabs. Put a blank line between paragraphs.

5. Indicate links by putting the URL in parentheses after the text you want linked.

6. If you have images, please note that in your cover letter and we'll contact you about them. Images should be no smaller than 500px wide. JPG format only. We will crop it. Images must NOT be copyrighted by anyone other than you.

7. HTML: If you know HTML and can appropriately format the article, please do, and submit it as a .txt file.

8. You receive no payment for your article or recommendation. It will stay live on the site until you ask us to take it down, until we decide to remove it, or until the site becomes defunct.

9. If the material you're submitting is time sensitive, please note that in your cover letter, and understand that we require two weeks to prepare and approve the article.

!*! By submitting, you agree that the material submitted is your own work and that you have the right to let us publish it on the HWA website and blog.

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