members have a grievance over issues such as plagiarism, with a publisher over
a contractual issue, or a similar matter; and that grievance has not been
resolved after the member has made reasonable endeavors, the member may
approach the HWA Grievance Committee. The Committee will consider the facts and endeavor to assist the Member
in getting a satisfactory resolution.”  -
HWA Member Handbook


 HWA Grievance
Committee is established to provide an avenue within the organization where
members may freely and openly inform the association of events that may
negatively affect the organization or its members. The Chairman of the
Grievance Committee must appoint volunteers to act as committee members.  The committee must have a minimum of 5
volunteers including the chairman, but never exceed 9 members, including

committee DOES NOT:

  • Make decisions
    regarding the morality of members.
  • Take sides on any
  • Play



purpose of the Grievance Committee is to help members resolve various
complaints AFTER the member
has utilized their own methods of resolution.  

chairman will notify HWA leadership and Board of Directors of any negative
trends found in grievances.

Steps of grievance committee upon receiving complaint:

  1. Ensure that complainant is a dues-paying member of the HWA.
  2. Ensure that complaint specifies type of grievance.
  3. Contact complainant within 72 hours.
  4. Contact defendant within 48 hours after receiving a completed grievance form from the complainant.
  5. Check complaint against the current bylaws of the association.


Grievance Submission:

the form below to submit a grievance to the HWA. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.