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The Diversity Grants will be open to underrepresented, diverse people who have an interest in the horror writing genre, including, but not limited to writers, editors, reviewers, and library workers. Like the Diverse Works Inclusion Committee, the Diversity Grants have adopted the broadest definition of the word diversity to include, but not limited to, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabled, and neurodiverse. 

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) believes barriers—often unseen but very real—exist which limit the amount of horror fiction being published by diverse voices. The goal of this grant is to help remove some of the barriers and let those voices be heard. 

2020 was the first year each Grant is offered, and four (4) will be awarded. The number of grants awarded in the future is subject to the amount of funds raised.

The grants will open for application on June 1 and close August 1 at midnight. 

All applicants must use the online application forms, filling in all sections and uploading the documents requested. Failure to include any information may invalidate the entry.

Thanks to the generosity of multiple donors, each Grant is worth $500 and may be spent on approved expenses for a period of two (2) years following the awarding of the Grant.

A sub-committee of the HWA Board—consisting of four (4) HWA member volunteers and chaired by a HWA Board member—will collect the applicants’ information, verify it, and choose the winners.

Other information to know:
Membership in the HWA is not a requirement for application.

Grant Qualifications. The Grant Sub-Committee will consider the following:

  • the applicant’s explanation of why they qualify, using the grants' broad definition of diversity (as stated above)
  • the applicant’s financial need
  • the likelihood that the applicant’s career would benefit from further writing or writing-related education
  • the likelihood that the applicant is committed to the horror genre
  • the likelihood that the applicant will contribute to the development of the genre, including increasing and/or broadening our readership.

Grant Rules. The winners of each Grant have two (2) years in which to spend the funds, which may be allocated to enhance their horror careers on such things as:

  • fees for physical or online writing courses
  • resources (textbooks, Guides, etc.)
  • registration and/or travel fees* for writing festivals that include relevant presentations
  • registration and/or travel fees* for one (1) horror genre convention per year
  • subscription fees to appropriate periodicals
  • Other expenses may apply.

*Travel fees include, but are not limited to, hotel, airfare, bus fare, car rental costs, etc. Use of funds for meals is also acceptable, but for a $50/day maximum. Use of funds for general college tuition is not acceptable. Other exclusions may also apply.

This is part of the HWA’s Annual Program of Scholarships and Grants (no individual may win more than one of these Scholarships or Grants in the same year). However the sub-committee is empowered not to award any of the Scholarships or Grants in any given year, if the quality of the applicants and their submissions is deemed insufficient.

Questions can be addressed to scholarships@horror.org. However, please review the rules carefully or visit our FAQ first, since your questions can probably be answered here!

If you would like to donate to the Diversity Grants (but not apply), click here: https://hwa46.wildapricot.org/event-3928217

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.