Ends on May 1, 2018


An HWA Original Anthology

Edited by Jonathan Maberry


 In keeping with the tales Alvin Schwartz cooked up for his three SCARY STORIES books, we’re asking our contributors to write tales for Middle Grade (MG) readers.

 Family friendly, but with some real bite.

STRUCTURE: We are looking for original stories told in the vein of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (and if you are not familiar with these books, we urge you to re-read them). We are NOT looking for literal retellings of any of the stories in those books, but stories that include classic horror elements. You can come up with something totally original, or mine folktales, myths and urban legends for inspiration.

Structurally, these stories can be ‘tales told’, meaning a narrator tells a tale as someone might at night around a campfire. Or they can be structured as standard stories with dialogue, etc.

DEMOGRAPHIC AND CONTENT: These stories are intended for middle grade readers, so please - no sex and no extreme violence.

DEADLINE: May1, 2018. All submissions must be in on or before 6pm EST on that date. No exceptions.

RATES: We will pay .08/word up to a max word count of 1500 words. Payment is on acceptance.

SUBMISSION RULES: These stories are to be submitted as ‘blind’ entries. So your attachment should have a story title but no other identifiers. Our team of evil henchmen (well..henchpeople) will keep track so that the judges are not biased and nothing gets lost.

WHO CAN SUBMIT: This anthology is only open to members of the Horror Writers Association. Members of every level are invited to submit. Join here.

ARE MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED: No. One submission per person. No exceptions.

ARE REPRINTS ACCEPTED: No. We will only consider original unpublished works. No exceptions.

FORMAT: All works must be submitted as a Word document, Times New Roman font; 12 point; double-spaced; no extra spaces between paragraph; 5-7 character indent for each paragraph. Any submitted work NOT in this format will be rejected. No exceptions.

THIS IS A BLIND SUBMISSION: All manuscripts should be attached with only a title. We will use the email associated with your Submittable account to contact you. We are using a blind submission so that everyone has an equal shot, and so that all works will be judged solely on the merit of the writing and storytelling. NOTE: Any work submitted with the author’s name on the attachment will be rejected. No exceptions.

Thanks again for sneaking out into the dark with us!

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